In 1996, I completed my bilingual (German / French) studies at the University of Fribourg with a Master of Law (lic. iur. utr.; magna cum laude), and in 1998, I was admitted to the Bar of the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland. In 2017, I received a doctorate (Dr. iur.) from the University of Lucerne.

Before founding my own law firm, at the beginning of 2016, I worked for 20 years in renowned companies as external as well as in-house counsel. The quotations below from references illustrate the many years of practical training that I received before I became self-employed. 

"Mr. Haberbeck exhibited an extraordinary ability to gather and synthesize a great deal of material about complex transactions, and to share his analyses and insights regarding those transactions both orally and in writing in a manner that was of enormous value to the others on the engagement teams. He was very focused, extremely conscientious, and efficient." (Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle, New York; October 2003)

"[PHH] is characterized by very good comprehension, distinct analytical skills, excellent legal knowledge, a strong sense of duty, creativity, great resilience, excellent manners as well as outstanding language skills, especially in French." (Pestalozzi Attorneys at Law, Zurich; February 2005; tentative translation from the German original into English)

"[PHH] is characterized by a high level of legal expertise as well as a very independent, precise way of working and is able to analyze even complex matters extraordinarily quickly and process them efficiently." (Bank Leu, Zurich; December 2006; tentative translation from the German original into English)

"With his high demand on the quality of his work, [PHH] [...] was able to legally analyze even extraordinarily complex cases, especially complex international transactions and proceedings, and to accompany them with the necessary tenacity." (Clariden Leu, Zurich; July 2011; tentative translation from the German original into English)

"Mr. Haberbeck has strong analytical skills and sound legal knowledge, which he knows how to use beneficially in finding solutions and handling mandates." (Eversheds Sutherland, Zurich; March 2016; tentative translation from the German original into English)

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